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KAMM Events is an established event management service provider, a subsidiary of KAMM Consultants Limited. We have an events management team with strong leadership always at its best – in working with our clients and suppliers. We have great flexibility, quick thinking, buckets of initiative and exceptional decision making. A particular ability to spot good compromises and know what is essential to the success of the event marks out an excellent event team leader. We take on the challenge of directing a complicated event whilst managing the expectations of several different clients, where need be.


Whether it's a wedding or other special occasions, everyone loves to celebrate a big event, but planning these things can be fraught, often the cause of sleepless nights and worry about how to ensure the event is a big success and goes off without a hitch.


One solution is to let someone else to do the event planning and management for you. Hence why at KAMM Events, we provide the following customised events management services to suit your needs

Wedding Planning

Fashion Shows

Diplomatic Events

Sports Events

Birthday Parties

Government sponsored events

Charitable Fundraising

Corporate Sponsorship

Celebrity Parties

Business and Product Launches


When we take on your event, it becomes our event.

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London, UK

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